Hello AMD Ryzen and goodbye FX CPU’s


Ryzen Processors have landed / are just about to land, Gamers around the world rejoice.

New Ryzen processor


With that said, it is with a twinge of sadness that we say goodbye to the FX line up of great, and not so great CPU’s. I for one have fond memories of the FX 8350, it was a workhorse, it could game, and did not break the bank.

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Build a PC for editing and rendering video


Do you want to edit and render video for youtube ?

AMD FX 8350 and AMD RX 480 Gaming PC

Or do you just want to build an all AMD Gaming PC ?

With the AMD FX 8320 and the AMD RX 480 you can do both, build yourself the perfect Gaming PC, and one for making youtube vidoes.

The RX 480 Graphics Card

RX 480 8GB Graphics Card
This monster 8GB GDDR5 graphics card comes in at the not so monster price of around £260, and if you game at 1080p will eat through any game you own at highest settings.
At 1440p this card is still a force to be reckoned with, and if you are one of the very few gaming at 4K, this fine AMD Graphics Card will still cut mustard.
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BLUBOO Maya 5.5 inch,, Android 6.0 3G Smartphone


The BLUBOO Maya 5.5 inch Android Smartphone, is another Chinese smartphone that will compete in the sub $100 end of the market. In fact this one will only costs €65 and about the same in Dollars. The BluBoo Maya can claim very nice looks, and a very impressive front and back camera line up.

BLUBOO Maya 5.5inch HD Android 6.0 3G Smartphone

You will find it On Geekbuying and on Amazon, some links are here Amazon UK or, Amazon.com and on Geekbuying

The BluBoo Maya will come in a range of colours such as Grey, Gold and White, see pic below to get a better idea.

Bluboo Maya Smartphone

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Are CiT PC Cases Any Good ?


CiT PC Case

Are you building a gaming PC?, If so, you may be bewildered at the range of enthusiast PC cases that are on offer, and what price range might be best for you. While the price battle at the high end might look cutthroat, things get even more vicious at the budget end of the scale.

CiT seem to have firmly staked a claim to the budget end of the market

They make a wide range of PC cases, all well priced, all firmly aimed at the budget market. You could say, and be justified in saying, that CiT are looking to take over this lower end PC case market. For a young PC Gamer that may only have $30 or $40 Dollars to spend on his/her case, it will be hard to overlook the compelling, nicely styled range of cases CiT have to offer.

I build a lot of PC’s, and find we are using more and more CiT cases as we move forward with our YouTube Channel.
As I have said above, it’s getting hard to overlook what CiT are doing in the cutthroat end of the market. I can also say that some of their case are very nice to build in, even enjoyable if you can appreciate that the case may have only cost $30.

So to show you what you might expect from a CiT Case, I have 4 video reviews below, all CiT, all honest and frank reviews. I do not get paid, our words are our own.
Enjoy the Video reviews below, and Like & Subscribe if you would like to see more.

The CiT Dragon 3 PC Case

The CiT Spectre PC Case

Two more Reviews are below, just click “read more”
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Build a $350 PC from second hand used computer parts.


Watch us build a great little PC from mostly used PC parts.


If you ever find yourself looking at used parts on ebay, and wondering if you should build that Gaming PC you always wanted. If so, we have a build here that might interest you, and maybe answer some of those question you have about buying used parts.

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